Maintaining your shower enclosure

Shower Enclosure Maintaining

Shower doors have three basic components, glass, metal framing and vinyl beading.  All glass contains small pores that can capture soap scum and hard water particles.  Once these hard water particles are in the pores, the glass will have a white film or faded appearance.  It is nearly impossible to remove these particles from the pores, thereby the glass is permanently discolored.  

Maintaining Shower Enclosure

The metal frame is aluminum with either a powder coated or plated color finish.  The aluminum frame does not rust, but the chemicals in many cleaning products will destroy the finish and corrode the metal frame.  The vinyl bead is a rubber like material that seals the glass to the metal frame.  Again, the chemicals in many cleaners will deteriorate the vinyl beading.  Once the aluminum frame and vinyl beading are damaged they cannot be repaired.


Hydro Shield is a locally owned company located in the Indianapolis market.  They provide a sealer treatment for glass, granite, marble and other surfaces.  The company applies their sealing treatment to the shower door glass after installation.  Godby Hearth & Home has been referring this company to customers for a number of years based upon the quality of product and services which they provide.  Please contact them directly for estimates regarding their services.  

Maintaining Shower Door Surface

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Keys to Maintaing Your Shower Enclosure

  • Water softeners eliminate the particles in hard water and significantly helps maintain the glass, metal frame and vinyl beading.

  • Squeegee off the glass and dry the metal framing with a towel after each use. This prevents the water residue from drying into the glass pores and on the metal.

Comet Bathroom Cleaner
  • Throughly rinsing and drying off the glass and metal frame after cleaning eliminates the chemicals in the cleaner from drying on the shower enclosure. There are a number of cleaners on the market which can maintain your glass, but many of them will damage the metal or vinyl beading of your shower enclosure. An independent study by the Bath Encosure Manufacturers Association in 1998, found Bathroom Comet to be one of the least abrasive cleaners available.



  • Utilizing a glass sealer before the first use of the shower will mitigate residue from collecting in the glass. There are a number of sealers on the market, some require the sealer to be reapplied periodically while others may require the use of specific cleaning and maintenance products (normally purchased through the supplier). Rain-X is a commonly used DIY product to seal shower glass. You need to be careful to not overspray the Rain-X onto the tile or grout around the shower. This causes discoloration of the tile and grout. The Rain-X product will need to be reapplied periodically.