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Flame presentation is one of the main issues with an outdoor fireplace. Wind and rain have a direct impact on the appearance and performance of outdoor fireplaces. Montigo addresses this situation by adding a glass front to the fireplace while still utilizing vent free technology. Montigo’s outdoor units are virtually wind and waterproof allowing the flames stand up as intended.

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The PL-Series fireplaces must operate with a low speed blower to mitigate the high temperatures on the glass, meaning the blowers cannot be turned off when the fireplace is operating. With the high speed multi-blower system, the fireplace can blow a blanket of warm air up to 8 feet into the outdoor space. The PL-Series uses a weather tight, wall mounted box which controls the hot surface ignition and the speeds of the blowers. This control box is plugged into a standard 110v electrical outlet and is the hardwired to the fireplace.


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Like the PL-Series, the H-Series utilizes vent free technology while having a glass front. The H-Series can be ordered in with either a standing pilot light (with optional on/off remote), or a hot surface ignition. The H-series releases the hot air produced by the fireplace through an internal exhaust vent located at the top of the fireplace opening.