Phoenix Grills are manufactured by Modern Home Products (MHP).  The Phoenix Grill was introduced in the market in 1990s.  The concept of the Phoenix grills is to cook "low and slow".  The drip pan was designed to cover the entire cooking area.  This allows for indirect cooking as well as providing a built in drip tray.  The juices from the meat will sear onto the drip pan and reintroduce the flavor into the cooking process.  This technology eliminates potential flare ups from grease hitting the burner.  Because of the relatively low BTU utilized by the Phoenix Grill, the lid must remain closed to create the optimal grilling results.  This grill follows the old adage, "if your looking, it's not cooking". 

Dual Burner

  • The 25,000 BTU stainless steel dual burner allows for the temperature on each side of the grill to be individually controlled. A stainless steel gas collection box is included for faster, more reliable starts.

Mesh Grilling Surface

  • A unique Stainless Steel Mesh Grid offers over 400 sq. inches of cooking area. There are handles located on each end of the cooking grid which allows for easy removal before, during and after the cooking process. The mesh pattern provides a smooth surface ideal for cooking fish, veggies in addition to traditional types of meat.

Water Tight Drip Pan

  • The drip pan is water tight when the drain valve is shut off. This allows for water or any other liquids will stay in the drip pan while grilling. The solid brass valve and bucket provides for easy draining and disposal of the drip pan’s fluids.

  • MHP has designed this heavy-duty Aluminum Drip Pan over the burners. Pour water, beer or any other liquid into the drip pan and it will steam the food. Wood chips can be added on the flat surface to create a smokey flavor to the food being cooked.

Rear Vents

  • Rear vents with a sliding damper provide for a more precise temperature control. When the vents are fully closed, the smoke and steam remains inside of the grill adding more flavor to the food.


Phoenix Grills
  • The SearMagic side burner is an optional feature that can be added to all Phoenix grills. The Infrared burner produces high heat that will sear and caramelize meat before placing it on the grill.

phoenix gas grills reversible searmagic cooking grids
  • The optional cooking grid is constructed of anodized aluminum and it will never rust. It is designed to fit seamlessly on top of the standard mesh cooking grid. Because it reaches a higher surface temperature than the mesh cooking grid, it is ideal for reducing the cooking time.


*All models are only available with a portable cart base.