Lone Star Smoker Island

RTF Systems can be constructed as a standalone grill island with storage compartments or a complete outdoor kitchen with a built-in refrigerator and sink.  These modular cabinets replace the traditional concrete block construction of a site-built grill island.  RTF Systems provides a custom designed base structure that allows for the installation of any veneer facing or counter top material.  These finishing materials are purchased through a local supplier.  The RTF System will except any brand of grill or grill island accessories.  

This product is constructed of a galvanized steel frame with a magnesium oxide (MgO) board exterior.  MgO is a revolutionary outdoor product that is mold and mildew proof, class A fire rated and not affected by the freeze/thaw cycles.  MgO can be easily cut to accommodate for the opening of the grill and grill island accessories.  Each cabinet includes leveling feet which allow up to 3.5" of adjustment.  This DIY product provides simplicity, safety and reduced construction time when compared to a traditional site-built island.

36''  Appliance And Storage Cabinet



Components that make RTF Systems strong, versatile and unique. 

These modular pieces can fit together to create any design.

Standard Kitchen Designs available through RTF Systems.

Real World Design Ideas
These pictures showcase the wide array of configurations and finish options that can be used with RTF Systems.