fireglass and firebeads

Fireglass and firebeads are can have either a reflective or non-reflective finish. Fireglass comes in two sizes 1/4" and 1/2".  Firebeads are approximately 1/2" and uniform in size.

1/4" Classic Collection

1/2" Classic Collection

1/2" Premium Collection


zircon fireglass

Zircon fire glass is diamond like shaped and comes in 1" pieces.  The Luster selections are tempered glass put through a unique silica infusion process.  

Lite Stone Balls

The American Fireglass Lite Stone Balls add the perfect contemporary look to any fully vented indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit.  They are formulated for long-term heat consumption and will never melt.

stone media

Lite stones get their color from an environmentally friendly ceramic satin that gets absorbed into the porous material.  These fire stones age gradually and do not lose their color to heat or the elements.  These stones average 1" in height and a 3" in width.


Lava stones are formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with cool water from the ocean.  The naturally occurring lava stones are gathered up and go through a "tumbling" process.  This process removes any sharp edges and gives them a uniform shape.  Because they are volcanic, they can withstand extreme temperatures without crumbling or exploding.