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firemagic prebuilt grill island

Gas Grills, Accessories & Replacement Parts

Our Indianapolis showroom is stocked with the finest Broilmaster gas grills, accessories and parts for your gas grill needs! 

Why choose a gas grill? Many individuals like cooking on a gas grill for their barbecue needs: 

  • Little to no experience necessary
  • Heat up quickly
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple maintenance

There are a variety of ways we can install your gas grill including an in-ground post, a fixed patio base, a moveable cart base or a built-in island unit. Available accessories include shelving, side burners, rotisseries, and infrared burners. 

Most grills today are marketed as stainless steel but there is a wide range in the quality of the stainless steel being used. Higher quality stainless steel contains more nickel than lower grades. In addition, lower priced grills incorporate galvanized steel in their frame base, which deteriorates faster than stainless steel. Some grills are manufactured to a specific type of gas (liquid propane or natural) and cannot be converted later. Godby Hearth & Home is proud to stock only the finest, high quality gas grills — with structure and finishes you can count on to last through many grill seasons! 

Let our team help you find the best gas grill options for your needs today. 

Broilmaster Patio Base
Broilmaster Patio Base
Firemagic Aurora Power Burner
Firemagic Aurora Power Burner
Broilmaster In-Ground Post
Broilmaster In-Ground Post
Fire Magic Rolling Cart Base
Fire Magic Rolling Cart Base

Fire Up Flavor: Gas Grills

Embrace one of America’s most cherished traditions with a user-friendly experience that leverages the modern convenience of gas-power grilling! 

Gas grills are perfect for beginners and seasoned grill masters alike. With just the turn  of a knob, you can take off on a new culinary adventure, on your favorite meats with ease while you focus on the best parts of grilling: spending quality time with loved ones. 

What are you waiting for? Head down to our Rockville Road Showroom today to pick the perfect grill, then fire it up, invite your favorite people over, and start creating lasting memories enhanced by the smoky aroma of true Americana. 

From the moment you step through our doors, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be there to guide you in the selection of the perfect gas grill. They’ll answer your questions, help you compare different models, and ensure you have all the tools and accessories needed to become your neighborhood’s grill master. 

No matter your grilling expertise, budget or needs, Godby Hearth & Home can help you take your cookout to the next level!

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Our Rockville Rd. showroom is stocked with Broilmaster grill accessories and replacement parts. We have what you need to prepare for grilling season.