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Vent Free Inserts

Vent free, also known as unvented or vent-free, gas technology requires no flue systems.  This means the fireplace utilizes tempered air from the home to supply the fire with oxygen and the particles of combustion are then distributed back into the room.  

Because of this process, vent-free inserts are designed to burn at an efficiency rate of 99.9%, which is the cleanest burning of any insert technology and helps them produce a substantial amount of heat in a short amount of time.  And because they require no flue or chimney, they are typically cheaper to install, save space and can be installed in more versatile spaces than vented options, although limitations due exist with vent-free fireplaces located in bathrooms, bedrooms & outdoor covered areas.  

We do want to note that vent-free inserts are a controversial category within the hearth industry due to the function of the technology and potential risks for fumes and carbon monoxide exposure to exist. At Godby Hearth & Home, we believe it is important to get all the information before deciding to purchase a vent-free insert and are happy to talk through your home needs and concerns to help you select the right option.  
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