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Primo Ceramic Grill | Godby Hearth

The ultimate grilling and smoking selections

Godby Hearth & Home is proud to provide a great selection of Primo charcoal grills. 

Primo is the only ceramic grill made in America. Primo’s unique patented oval shape grill delivers the highest cooking flexibility and efficiency.  This oval shape allows for simultaneous cooking using both direct and indirect cooking surfaces. 

  • Our Primo grills perfectly accommodate more food like steaks, large roasts, ribs and even whole chickens!
  • We offer a wide range of Primo accessories including rack extenders, heat deflectors, rib racks, pizza stones, chicken/turkey setters, digital thermometers, and a variety of dry rubs!


Talk to our team today to find the right charcoal grill or smoker for your needs and learn more about how you can enhance your grilling experience with a Primo grill! 

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