Kamado Style Charcoal Grill


The kamado-style grill has inspired a return to grilling and smoking meat with charcoal and wood fuel. There are three significant features within this style of grill which make it far superior to any charcoal grill or electric smoker constructed of metal.

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The kamado-style grills are made from a ceramic material which holds moisture in the meat during the cooking process. This allows for long cook times at a low temperature without drying out the meat. Traditional techniques of adding moisture to meat like marinating or injection, are not required with these grills. The most common way to favorize the meat, using these grills, is through the use of dry rubs. This feature makes the kamado-style a convenient home charcoal grill.  

godbyhearthandhome primo lump charcoal with smoking wood chips

Kamado-style grills use lump charcoal as a fuel source consisting of approximately 90% hickory and 10% other hardwood. Smoking chips or chunks of actual wood can be used in combination with the charcoal without wetting the chips or utilizing a smoker box. This allows for the fullest smoke flavor in the meat. 


The temperature of the kamado-style grill – and the burn rate of the charcoal – can be controlled through the air flow system built into the bottom and top of the grill. Adjusting the amount of air intake and exhaust airflow will lock into a precise cooking temperature, even when the outside temperatures are extremely hot or cold. A full load of charcoal will maintain a low cooking temperature between 8-12 hours.


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