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Looking to update your outdated, drafty fireplace but love the ambience and feel it provides?

Wood-burning inserts are designed to be placed directly inside your existing fireplace, increasing heat capacity and wood-burning efficiency while allowing you to enjoy the unmatched warmth and experience wood fireplaces provide.  

Efficient, free standing wood burning fireplaces and inserts have increased in popularity in recent years due to technological advancements in this product, along with an increase in consumer demand for a efficient secondary source of heat. 

There are two options when it comes to wood-burning inserts: catalytic and non-catalytic inserts. There are performance differences, but both are proven to be effective and meet the EPA smoke emission guidelines.

Non-catalytic products do not use a catalyst but have three internal characteristics that create a good environment for complete combustion. These are firebox insulation, a large baffle to produce a longer, hotter gas flow path, and pre-heated combustion air introduced through small holes above the fuel in the firebox. The baffle and some other internal parts of a non-catalytic stove will need to be replaced every few years.  

In catalytic combustion, the smoky exhaust is passed through a coated ceramic honeycomb inside the products where the smoke gases and particles ignite and burn. All catalytic products have a lever-operated catalyst bypass damper which is opened for starting and reloading. The catalytic honeycomb degrades over time and must be replaced, but its durability is largely determined by the operator. The catalyst can last more than six seasons if the stove is used properly; but if the stove is over-fired by using inappropriate fuel, or if regular cleaning and maintenance is not done, the catalyst may break down in as little as 2 years. 

If you’re looking to improve heat, burn less wood and enjoy the beauty of a wood-burning fireplace, call Godby Hearth & Home. Our team would be happy to show you our wood-burning insert options and help you select the right one for your fireplace needs.  

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