Direct Vent Fireplaces

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Transform your space with a direct vent gas fireplace

Direct vent technology was introduced into the market in the early 1990’s. Direct vent fireplaces utilize coaxial or collinear flue systems. The outer flue draws 100% of it’s combustion air from outside the house. The combustion is then expelled through the inner flue. High efficiency direct vent fireplaces are unique in that they can terminate either horizontally through an exterior wall or vertically through a roof. All direct vent fireplaces have a fixed glass panel with a rope gasket. This glass panel and rope gasket system, does not allow the fireplace to exchange air with the room. Effective January 2015 a protective screen was required to be installed in front of the glass panel.

Direct vent fireplaces have a high efficiency rating and do not impact indoor air quality of a home. Over the past fifteen years the majority of the fireplace manufacturer’s R&D dollars have been spent on direct vent gas technology. This has created a wide range of styles, sizes and features associated within this fireplace and insert category. Of all fireplace categories direct vent gas technology has the highest consumer demand in the marketplace today.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Vs. Vented Gas Fireplace Insert Vs. Freestanding Gas Fireplace

  • A direct vent gas fireplace does not require a chimney but vents directly through the wall or roof.
  • A vented gas fireplace insert is a type of appliance designed to be installed inside an existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace.
  • A freestanding gas fireplace does not require a chimney and is often used as an insert in a wood-burning fireplace.
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