Fireplace Service & Maintenance

Godby Hearth & Home provides service on gas fireplaces and gas log sets.  We employ a staff of trained professionals with decades of experience working on these gas appliances, grills and fire pits.

We offer fireplace services and maintenance, from cleaning and inspection of your fireplaces to replacement of any necessary parts. You need to have a professional perform fireplace maintenance, as it can be dangerous if not done correctly. In addition to keeping your fireplace functioning safely and in good condition, regular fireplace service and maintenance can also help to increase its lifespan.

Even if you plan to clean the fireplace yourself, it’s still necessary to have fireplace maintenance & inspection yearly.

Our standard gas fireplace “Service & Inspection” includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of the pilot assembly, air mixer, thermocouple, thermopile, burner, logs, millivolt wiring and gas valve assembly.

At the time of service and inspection, our technicians will advise you about any parts that need repaired or replaced.

Gas Fireplaces Service Area Map | Godby Hearth and Home
We service gas fireplaces within the green area.

Schedule service early and use your fireplace all season long.

Although our service department is available year round, due to the seasonal use of fireplaces, stoves and inserts, we encourage customers to schedule repairs and maintenance to their gas fireplace between March 1st and September 30th.

Services Provided

All of our installation and service technicians are employees of Godby Hearth & Home.  

Services Not Provided

Although we do not directly provide the following services, we do have a referral network of qualified companies who perform these services daily. Contact us for more information.