Fireplace Tool Sets, Wood Holders & Steel Grates

High-end, American-made fireplace accessories available at Godby Hearth & Home

Today’s tool sets and wood holders can be as much for décor as for functional use. Higher end industrial fireplace tools are made from a forged steel or heavy gauge metal. Modern fireplace grates are available in a range of sizes and styles – including wood and metal.

It is important not to purchase a replacement grate that is either too wide or too deep for the fireplace cavity. The quality of all three of these products, is indicative by their weight. The heavier, the product the higher the quality and durability. Our team would be happy to assess your existing fireplace grate and help you find the right replacement option for your needs.

We proudly sell fireplace tools made in the USA.

Contact us to learn about available tool options or visit one of our showrooms to find your perfect fit today.


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