Direct Vent Stoves

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A direct vent stove uses outside air to support combustion and recirculates inside air, helping warm the room and reduce drafts. Free standing, direct vent gas stoves come with a very high-heat efficiency rating and are very easy to operate — all without the hassle and mess of burning wood.  

There are many different styles to choose from and as technology has advanced, so have some features. Some systems can be operated manually, with a wall thermostat or even a thermostatic remote control. We offer some models that provide innovative ignition systems that stay lit for easy startups during the cold winter months, and automatically shut off after 7 days of inactivity to conserve gas and money when it gets warmer outside.

Let us help you create a cozy, comfortable and energy-efficient space with a direct-vent stove. Visit one of our showrooms to find yours!  

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