Electric Inserts

simplifire elextric fireplace insert

Provide flair and ambiance to any room

With many styles and features, electric inserts are an easy, cost-effective and popular way to transform any space. Electric inserts are a versatile option as they can be installed inside an existing fireplace, mounted onto or recessed inside a wall, or as a component of a TV console.

The benefits of an electric insert include:  
●     There is no gas to the home or the desired location of the fireplace. 
●     Can easily be moved within the house or to a new home. 
●     More energy efficient than other technologies. 
●     Safe for children and adults alike. 
●     No potential of combustion gas into the house. 
●     Ease and flexibility of installation. 
●     There are no clearance restrictions for combustible materials around the fireplace. 

However, since the heat output is around 5,000 BTUs, electric inserts have the littlest impact on the temperature of a room compared to gas or wood-burning options.  

If you’re looking to enhance your existing fireplace or add comfort and character to your space, let Godby Hearth & Home help you find the right electric insert for your needs.

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