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Fireplace screens with glass doors are designed to protect people from the dangers of a fire while also providing a view of the fire. The screen keeps embers and sparks from flying out of the fireplace, while the glass doors allow people to see the fire and keep warm. Over time, the doors may become damaged or broken. For that reason, fireplace door replacement is also an important part of the fireplace system. Godby Hearth & Home provides hassle-free replacement services for your fireplace fronts.

Fireplace frames and doors are available in a wide range of designs and colors. They are customized to your fireplace opening and can either be installed as an overlap or fit inside. Rough or uneven stone facing material creates gaps either behind – or to the side – of the door relative to the facing material. This can cause gaps in the fixture. These gaps can be filled with a concrete mortar or high heat caulk product.

Fireplace doors are constructed from two basic metals – extruded aluminum or steel.

Steel Door Inside Fit

The overall size of an extruded aluminum frame can be custom built to your specific opening. However, the actual frame size (width of the metal) remains the same.

Steel fireplace doors and frames can be sized to any opening, as well as the frame size. In addition, the steel allows for custom designs and/or monograms to be incorporated into the door.

Fireplace doors can be installed on two distinct types of wood burning fireplaces, masonry (an on-site fireplace constructed from brick, block and mortar material) and manufactured (a metal firebox and flue system installed inside a wood-framed chimney). Fireplace doors must be approved specifically for use on manufactured fireplaces. These doors cannot extend more than one inch from the face of a manufactured firebox. Therefore, they cannot overlap a traditional brick or stone facing material.

Aluminum Door Overlap Fit
Direct Vent Reface Door

A reface fireplace door covers the cooling vent louvers on a manufactured fireplace – both wood burning and direct vent. They are typically built using a steel frame. These doors are custom built to overlap the metal face of the fireplace and fit tightly inside the facing material i.e. tile, marble, brick or stone. They are usually secured to the metal firebox using earth magnets.

When burning a gas product in a wood burning fireplace, glass fireplace doors must remain open. A mesh screen can be used in lieu of traditional glass in any steel framed door. This does require a cabinet style door, but it allows the doors to remain closed during operation.

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