The Broilmaster brand began in 1966.  After 50 years, Broilmaster grills are still made in the USA and offer one of the industries best warranties.  Unique features of a Broilmaster grill are:

  • The stainless steel bowtie burner which creates an even distribution of heat across the cooking grid area.

  • A heavy duty deep cast aluminum head which maintains the grilling temperature better than a stainless steel grill. In addition, this depth allows the food to cook using heat from within the grill rather than from the burner flame.

  • Exclusive "smoker shutter" system which doubles the grills versatility by allowing a slow and indirect cook process.


Infrared/Blue Flame Burner Combo

Infrared/Blue Flame Burner Combo


  • Combination infrared/blue flame burner which creates a wide deviation of cooking temperatures on each side of the grill.

  • Multi-level stainless steel cooking grids.

Multi-Level Stainless Steel Cooking Grids

Multi-Level Stainless Steel Cooking Grids

  • Ongoing support of replacement parts. Broilmaster produces replacement parts for grills built up to 30 years ago.


Broilmaster offers a unique build your own grill system.  It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


Step 1:  Select your grill head size and burner style

         H-Series Specs    /    Super Premium Specs     /     Premium Specs     /     R-Series Specs

Step 2:  Select your base

Step 3:  Select your accessories

broil master inground post  in-ground post in ground post  patio post rolling cart