Wood Mantel Surrounds are a centerpiece of the overall fireplace design. They are offered in a wide range of styles which can either be finished in a natural stain or painted. Wood mantels and other combustible products must maintain proper clearances from the fireplace opening. 

Stone or "Precast" Mantel Surrounds are increasingly popular because of their unique designs and ability to be installed closer to the fireplace opening. They are made from either a lightweight concrete mix or a plaster (gypsum) material. Both of these materials provide non-combustible mantels. The concrete fireplace mantel can be installed in a natural, beige color or painted to fit the décor of the home. The lower priced plaster mantel utilizes a white gypsum material instead of the concrete mix. The plaster cast product is lighter weight, less durable and requires painting to complete the ‘finished’ look.

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There are two Styles of Mantels

Mantel surrounds are the traditional style of mantels which have a shelf and two vertical legs.

Mantel shelves hang on the wall with no vertical legs to support itself.