Hearthstone Wood Stoves

Soapstone is typically used as a countertop material or for architectural purposes i.e. interior surfacing and sculpting material. Soapstone comes in two grades, high and low talc content. Talc is the mineral within soapstone that creates the soft nature of the product. High talc soapstone is mainly used for carving statues, sculptures and other artistic features. Low talc soapstone is more durable and is mainly used for countertops and hearth products because of its ability to withstand heat.

Hearthstone incorporates the soapstone material both inside the burn chamber and on the outside of the product. The Hearthstone stoves do not get as hot as stoves constructed with steel or cast iron. Steel and cast iron stove heat up very quickly and create a flash heat effect. Consequently, the stove also cools down at a faster rate. Soapstone creates a slow steady warmth which lasts for hours after the fire has burned out. Heat Life is the amount of time a stove radiates heat after the fire is completely extinguished.

NEW 2020 Tru-Hybrid Technology

The TruHybrid system combines primary and secondary combustion with a tertiary combustion zone utilizing a catalyst to remove unburned particles before they enter the flue system. The catalysts used in the TruHybrid™ Combustion System begins to operate at temperatures between 1,200˚ – 1,400˚F, lower than traditional wood stove catalysts. Because the catalyst operates at lower temperatures as well as working on pre-cleaned exhaust, the TruHybrid™ Combustion System promotes longer catalyst life, and fewer maintenance concerns.