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In 1980, Dan Binzer started a company called Canadian Heating to provide design, engineering and manufacturing of gas fireplaces, under the brand name Montigo. The mid 1980's were a pivotal time for fireplace manufacturers with the discovery of new technology allowing fireplaces to be "directly vented". Montigo took advantage of this new technology and by the 1990's was exclusively manufacturing gas fireplaces.

Today Montigo manufactures more than 70 direct vent gas fireplace models, in addition to offering completely custom fireplace design for both residential and commercial spaces.

Montigo D-Series Fireplaces

The Distinction series provides the best of both worlds; the heat from the fireplace can be directed to the top area of the wall or an adjoining room while allowing a minimum TV clearance requirement of 12” above the fireplace opening.

Montigo has released 3 new sizes for their single sided and see-thru Distinction Series Models for 2019. In addition to the 62” model, this fireplace series is now available in 36”, 48” and 72” sizes.

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Montigo Fireplaces

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