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In 1976, Montigo founder Dan Binzer began installing zero clearance wood burning fireplaces for local Canadian builders. Years later demand grew for gas so Dan began manufacturing Sandpan Burners to fit inside these wood burning fireplaces. This resulted in some of the first zero clearance gas fireplaces on the market.

Later, In the 1980's, Dan started a company called Canadian Heating that would go on to engineer and manufacture gas fireplaces under the Montigo brand. Montigo then began selling a wide selection of zero clearance gas fireplaces. The mid 1980's were a pivotal time for fireplace manufacturers with the discovery of new technology allowing for fireplaces to be "directly vented". Montigo took advantage of this new technology and by the 90's began exclusively manufacturing gas units. Today they offer more than 70 direct vent gas models, and also allow for the flexibility to create a completely custom fireplace for both residential and commercial spaces.

Montigo D-Series Fireplaces

Montigo has released 3 new sizes for their single sided and see-thru Distiction Series Models for 2019. Instead of just a 62” model for this fireplace series, they have added 36”, 48” and 72” models.

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XB2213 [EN] Distinction_multi page Residential_Brochure-170411-1.png

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