pattern glass

These glass patterns are limited to 5/32" thru 1/4" size panels.  Not all patterns are available for all sizes.

heavy glass patterns

These glass patterns are designed for 1/4" thru 1/2" sized glass.  Not all patterns are available for all sizes.  

Chipped Edge Glass

These are unique cut edges to make your enclosure a one of a kind piece of art.  There are three options for the edge design:  Straight edge, which is a typical cut on the edge of the glass; Wave cut, A smooth even wave cut into the edge, the height of the waves and the distance between the peaks and valleys can be specified;  Jagged cut, A rougher random cut that creating the illusion of a broken edge.

handcrafted cast glass 

These glass options are handcrafted, three dimensional panels created from a mold design turning your glass panels into a piece of art.  Also offered is an option which allows you to submit your own design or offer your ideas to create a unique custom pattern.