Ortal fireplaces are one of the industry's most elite brands.  They offer both catalog models and the ability to fully customize a fireplace.  They are interior designer's and architect's preferred fireplace manufacturer for commercial and large residential projects.  

Ortal's Power Venting System

As of January 2015, new safety guidelines were announced for all direct vent gas fireplaces that require a safety barrier be installed in front of all glass viewing areas.  Ortal was one of the first manufacturers to create a double glass enclosure that met these new guidelines.  Ortal utilizes a series of blowers inside their fireplaces that move air between the double glass panels.  This cools the outer glass temperature to meet the new requirements.  This heat barrier solution also allows to hang a TV or artwork within one foot above the fireplace opening.

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see-thru tunnel

Tunnel (see-through) fireplaces are visible from both sides while encased in walls or columns.  They can be used as a design feature to divide a living area inside a home.

Clear 110

Clear 200

Clear 130

Clear 110

Custom Tunnel [21 ft.]

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front facing

Front facing fireplaces can be integrated into walls and used with various architectural elements.  Ortal primarily offers the contemporary linear style fireplace but, does offer a traditional 75x65 Double Brick fireplace.  All Ortal fireplaces offer both glass media and traditional log options.

Clear 40h70

Clear 75x65

Clear 70

Clear 75x65

Clear 75x65

Clear 150

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space creator

The Space Creator is a unique way to separate living spaces.  The Space Creator frequently utilizes Ortal's modern power venting system to create unique designs within the home.  This provides the freedom to place the fireplace in areas that would otherwise be prohibited with traditional venting systems.

SC 120

SC 200

SC 120

SC 75

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three sided

Big or small, Ortal's built-in three-sided fireplaces are architecturally stunning and are enjoyed from multiple vantage points.  These fireplaces differ from the three-sided space creator as they are normally installed against a continuous wall.

Clear 75TS


Clear 170TS

Clear 170TS

Clear 200 TS

Three sided fireplace


Corner fireplaces are ideal and flexible architectural solutions which gives a multidimensional view of the flames as either the left or right side of the fireplace is left exposed to the room.  


Clear 150LS

Clear 170LS

Clear 150 LS

Clear 110RS

Ortal Corner Fireplace


The Traditional 110 & 90 are Ortal's traditional looking direct vent gas fireplaces.  These clean face fireplaces incorporate herringbone refractory walls and your choice of a log set.  

Traditional 110

Traditional 90

Traditional 110

Ortal Fireplaces - Island Fireplaces


Featuring a large contemporary design and a host of options, including a decorative hood, these modern masterpieces enliven any space.  

Stand Alone 75x65 Curve

75x65 Curve

75x65 Flat Hood

Island 130

Stand Alone Fireplace

Stand alone

Freestanding units are ideal solutions for adding a contemporary fireplace to any space.  These stand alone models offers an industrial style with the flue pipe remaining exposed to the room.

Stand Alone 70TS

Stand Alone 110

Stand Alone 110

Stand Alone 40TS

Fireplace Media

Fireplace media

White Ceramic Fiber Stones

White Ceramic Fiber Pebbles

Grey Ceramic Fiber Stones

White Ceramic Fiber Pebbles