direct vent products

Quadra-Fire is one of the leaders in high efficiency wood burning products but, they also offer exceptional direct vent inserts and stoves.  The Qudra-Fire brand does not offer direct vent fireplaces.

Direct vent inserts are installed into a masonry wood burning fireplace, instantly improving the efficiency of the fireplace.  Direct vent inserts utilize collinear flexible pipe that is installed through the existing fireplace flue.  Direct vent inserts can only terminate vertically through an existing fireplace flue.  The QFI30FB and QFI35FB refractory walls are made of "FireBrick", a patented ceramic material produced by Quadra-Fire, which increases the insert's radiant heat output by 25%.  These refractory panels reduce the homes overall heating cost and increases the homes efficiency.

Direct vent freestanding stoves combine the traditional look of a wood stove with current direct vent gas technology.  Direct vent freestanding stoves can be terminated either horizontally through an exterior wall or vertically through a roof.  Although not required, a traditional hearth pad below the stove completes the design feature of the product.