We provide maintenance and inspection for gas fireplaces, and gas logs. 
We also provide free in-home inspections for products to be purchased and installed by Godby.

services provided

services not provided

Our installation and service technicians are Employees of Godby Hearth & Home.  

  • Product education designed to fit your project

  • Demonstrations of product features and benefits

  • Print take offs, and design consultation

  • A detailed written scope of work with pricing

  • Installation of all products purchased through Godby Hearth & Home

  • Repair and maintenance services for products installed by Godby Hearth & Home

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Although we do not directly provide the following services, we do have a referral network of qualified companies performing these services daily.

  • We are not licensed to repair or replace existing gas line, or install new gas lines

  • We are not licensed to repair, replace or install electrical wiring

  • Cleaning and inspection of wood burning flue systems (metal or masonry)

  • Removal of rodents or pests from gas fireplace

  • Repair and maintenance to the exterior facade of a chimney

  • Installation of brick or stone on the front face of the fireplace

  • Installation of brick or stone fire pits

  • Installation of product that was not purchased through Godby Hearth & Home


Godby Hearth & Home provides service on gas fireplaces and gas log sets.  We employ a staff of trained professionals with decades of experience working on these gas appliances, grills and fire pits.  Our standard gas fireplace "Service & Inspection" includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of the pilot assembly, air mixer, thermocouple, thermopile, burner, logs, millivolt wiring and gas valve assembly.  At that time of service and inspection, our technicians will advise you about any parts that need repaired or replaced.




  • The igniter sparks, but the pilot will not light.

  • The igniter button will not create a spark.

  • The pilot will light, but the pilot flame goes out after letting off the pilot knob.

  • The main fireplace burner comes on, but goes out after a short period of time.

  • The main fireplace burner shuts off and then comes back on by itself.

  • The pilot light is on, but the wall switch will not turn on the main fireplace burner.

  • The blower does not come on automatically like it used to.

  • The blower is making a hum, grinding or squeaking noise.

  • The glass is dirty with either a white or black film.

  • A black film or soot is visible directly above the fireplace opening.

  • A black soot build up on the logs and the flame is very uneven on one side of the burner.

  • Flame is very blue and the fireplace does not remain lit for longer than 20-25 mins