godbyhearthandhome custom cast marbleworks marblecast shower wall with decorative strip

Shower wall systems can be ordered in custom sizes with a maximum dimension of 60" x 90".  Stock sizes are also available for 36", 48" and 60" wide tub/shower enclosures. There is a wide range of colors available within four basic patterns; cultured marble, marble cast, granite cast and granite stone. Depending on the application, the price for the initial install of this product could vary from using tile for a shower wall. However, these shower wall systems require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan than tile walls. Shower wall systems are secured to green board and can be used in conjunction with a tub/shower fiberglass base.

godbyhearthandhome custom cast marbleworks marblecast shower pan

Various customized shower base systems have a one-piece sloped floor with a 1 1/2" integrated vertical lip on each side. They can be designed with one, two or three open sides and incorporate either a three-piece traditional height threshold or an ADA approved sloped threshold. Like the shower wall, the base comes in custom sizes with a maximum of 60" x 90". The drain hole can be positioned almost anywhere within the custom shower base versus a standard, central location. The shower base has the same four basic patterns and color options as the shower wall.

The installation cost of marble shower enclosure is normally more expensive than a fiberglass base, but less expensive than tile with a mud pan base. They also require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan. Although fiberglass is less expensive, it is limited to standard sizes and lacks durability compared to other shower base systems.

Gloss and Matte finishes are available for both shower walls and shower base finishes. 

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