Vent free gas products require no flue systems. They utilize tempered air from the home to supply the fire with oxygen.  The particles of combustion are distributed back into the room. Vent free products are tested to burn at an efficiency rate of 99.9%, which is the cleanest burning of any technology.  It is a gas only technology and cannot burn any other fuel source.  Limitations exist with vent free fireplaces located in bathrooms and bedrooms.  Vent free gas technology is the most controversial fireplace category in the hearth industry.  There are manufactures and retail hearth dealers that believe it is the worst product technology ever invented and should not be used in any home.  There are also manufacturers and retail hearth dealers that believe it is the greatest fireplace technology and can be used in any home.  It is important to get all the information before choosing to purchase a vent free product. 

Napoleon Knightsbridge - Stove

American Hearth - Loft Series Fireplace

Empire Innisbrook - Insert



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