Vermont Castings Wood Stoves

All stoves are equipped with an exclusive swing-out ash pan that allows you to remove ashes with out making a mess, even when the stove is hot.

Vermont Castings has the ability to complement the enamel finish of your stove with matching pipe.

Vermont Casting’s unique, built-in thermostat requires no electricity and works by automatically adjusting the required air for combustion.


FlexBurn stoves are able to burn with or without a catalyst. The stoves are able to achieve a 15% higher efficiency on low burns with the catalyst in place. Increase your heating efficiency and lower your stove emissions, ensuring you get the most out of each load of wood.

This catalytic combustor is a ceramic honeycomb coated with platinum and palladium, elements engineered to maximize the catalytic reaction. The catalytic combustor causes smoke to burn as fuel, creating more heat from less wood.