Town & Country Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Town & Country is the pioneer of the clean face fireplace. A clean face fireplace is something that has become the new standard and is seen on almost every contemporary fireplace. The original direct vent fireplaces had a metal louver system positioned above and below the glass panel. The bottom louvers allowed access to the gas valve for servicing. The upper louvers were designed to assist with heat escaping the firebox. Town & Country’s has a unique approach utilizing a higher level of gas input (BTU) in order to enhance the amount of flame within the fireplace. In order to accommodate the higher level of BTU, Town & Country has a larger diameter flue system. The larger flue allows more heat to escape thereby maintaining the glass temperatures at a safe level. Although these fireplaces operate at a lower efficiency rating than other direct vent fireplaces, they continue to provide a source of heat for the room.