Fire Magic Premium Grills

Fire Magic began building premium grills in California in 1937. Every grill is still manufactured in the USA. All of the components of the grill are constructed using 304 Stainless Steel. Many innovative features are incorporated into their grills that sets them apart from other brands.

From built-in and stand-alone to countertop and post and in sizes ranging from 48“ to 24“, Fire Magic Grills has a wide selection and offers the ultimate beauty, performance, and durability. Every Fire Magic Grill is designed to elevate the cooking and entertaining experience.

  • The “E” burners are rated for 33,000 BTUs, this creates an even heat distribution and are guaranteed for life.
  • A hot surface ignition lights the burner using heat rather than a spark and ensures the burner will ignite every time.
  • Heat Zone Separators isolate the cooking in each zone allowing food to cook at different temperatures and provide a better way indirect cooking.
  • The Quantum Backburner is made of stainless steel foam uses less BTU’s to generate efficient high heat for rotisserie cooking. A polished stainless steel cover is included for protection.
  • A tray utilized for charcoal or wood chips can be added to these grills to enhance flavor for regular grilling or for smoking meat low and slow.
  • A multi-colored digital thermometer monitors each heat zone independently for precise cooking of different types of food.
  • The optional “Magic Window” allows viewing of the cooking surface without opening the grill hood.

The Fire Magic Black Diamond Edition is the newest line of Fire Magic Grills. It combines all of the features that make Fire Magic unique. With a sleek black porcelain finish, the Black Diamond Series redefines luxury in grilling.